Atake de Corazon



whooooooah m back at the sucks having to do this outside the comforts of our house using ur own computer...*sigh...


Ang Pagkakataon nga Naman!

Coach Carter was a really really must see movie I must truly say though it was that great I have more things to say about other things. I’m talking about meeting Gian’s ex. Hahaha! Ang galing talaga…To think that I’ve been talking about meeting her unexpectedly in a place somewhere near Edsa in one of my entries then it happened last night! Nakakatawa talaga! Does G4 count as a place near Edsa? Hmm…I’m not that sure more like near Ayala Ave. to me… I really don’t have that much to say. We were just acquainted and Gian was the one who did much of the talking. I’ll leave my thoughts for your imagination…I was really glad though that Gian texted me to ask me to come up sa Starbucks coz if he didn’t we wouldn’t have “met.”

Nakakaaliw!!! Magdilang anghel daw ba?!


Talk Shit


Just enrolled myself at school today and guess what? What I thought was 50k, well..turns out our tuition for this sem’s around 55k after all. That’s roughly twice my dorm fee per sem which brings me to a grand total of 85k per sem for my tuition and dorm alone. That just right about spells E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E for my mom. I’ve talked her into letting me stay in a dorm near our school but all she said is that she’d rather pay a few thousand difference than put my safety in jeopardy. Can’t do anything about that. After all, she is the boss and my financer in college as well.

So…We planned to eat at Aristocrat after that but changed our minds so I had noodles at Oody’s and my mom had some pandan chicken without rice. Aba! Southbeach daw sya… hehehe I decided to treat my mom so we saw La Visa Loca after eating. Ok naman sya. It was funny and we found it as a very light movie to watch. Hey by the way, we’re gonna watch Coach Carter tomorrow at G4. Courtesy of none other than… Can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to seeing that movie…

Onga din pla, Gian was here yesterday. We sang like no tomorrow sa Videoke. He’s really good singing Basil Valdez type of songs. I picked songs more on the Sharon-Regine type or more likely he picked the songs I sang. Hahaha! It was fun! Atleast we get to do something else whenever he’s here at home. I guess the highlight of our meeting yesterday was when he saw this person's blog which I showed to him while we were looking for my mom’s code thingie for her phone. I knew about this blog before but I never really mentioned it to him cause for me it was really nothing of a big deal. But anyway I did yesterday…hehehe and the instant look of disgust on his face while reading her blog was really funny and amusing. He snapped. For me actually she deserved what she got. Gian sending a loathsome message was just what she deserved. Well, I’m not really in the position so to speak… pero kasi she just keeps on talking too highly of herself and the way she delivers it pa…My friends, most especially my roommates, know that I’m one of the world’s least judgmental person pero I’m sorry… for her to speak that way…walang finesse eh. I mean, you don’t have to be maarte to sound sophisticated and I’m not belittling her. *Sigh... pero walang class plus the fact that I absolutely hate social climbers makes it worse. I was kind enough though to translate Gian’s message in English para naman it wouldn’t sound as hurtful and as straightforward. Don’t get me wrong though, I did that for Gian and not for her. Why would I do her a favor? we’re not close. Yes we’re friends but that friendship extends only up to friendster. I don’t even know if we share things in common or what and I don’t know anything that’s to like about her from what I’ve heard and from what I’ve read.

Anyway, I’d really like to meet her in the future. Why? Wala lang…I just want to and I have a really good feeling that we will...

Just a thought… if you’re so nice, how come you call yourself a biatch?

Ever though of that?



Flash from the Past..Oww!

Remember the incident that I posted before. Just browse back if you don't. That one about my classmate's mom getting murdered. Ironically, I saw it at "Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo" last night. I wasn't really watching TV at the time but well my mom was and she called me over so I could watch din. Turns out my classmate's dad was the one who killed her mom apparently with the help of their maid. And trust me, their maid did look like someone who's capable of commiting murder. Itsura palang and she couldn't even look straight at the camera. Kaya nga you have to make sure to treat your house help like a member of your family cause you never know when they're gonna get back at you...Scary noh? One moment everything's ok the next you're gone. Always be wary. I'm not saying they were mean to their maid basta it's just a precaution. Better to be safe than to be sorry as I always say.

So much for the past. I'm just happy that all our hospital duties for this summer's no more. *Sigh but i'll be back in the dorm in no time. Tapos hindi ko na yata roommate si Ate Prang at si kuko. So sad! To think that they were the reason why I transferred to Room 204 then I just learned yesterday that they were eyeing this dorm at mypad...I don't want for school to start yet again. All those sleepless aral nights again. They just grow on you and you get sick of it though I know I can do nothing about it. How much more when I'm in my med proper diba? Obviously, I'm not in the position to complain. I have sooooo many years ahead of me but I'm relieved cause of all the people who believe in me. They lift my spirits high just when I'm about to drown in Kozier, Piliteri and oh no...two volumes of Brunner and Suddharth in the future. Well, ganun talaga! Who said Nursing was easy?

Lastly, for that person I've been talking about in my last blog entry. No one said you were nice. Get.


No More Lonely Nights

Now I get to exercise my voice and practice my vocal prowess para hindi ako napapagalitan ni Gian as he always says, "You have the voice but you don't practice it. Ang tigas ng ulo mo." Hahahaha I could just hear his words ringing in my head.

Modesty aside, I used to join singing contests when I was in highschool. You couldn't have guessed right? Cause now that I'm in college, you just don't have the time cause there are lots of things you'd rather do than practice a piece you have to sing. Honestly, I'd rather sleep than practice for a competition. Good thing my mom bought that thingie MagicSing or MagicMic (or whatever it's called) for 10k. Hahaha... My mom uses it for an average of 4 hours a day. Adik. Plus she invites her friends over. With a 43' TV, a centralized airconditioned house and a surround system for our Vidoke..well, you can never go wrong. Beats Music21 for that. I'm pretty sure she'll invite her college friends over instead of going out to eat at some resto. I'm glad my mom's having fun, she should! That's the least she deserves.

Hahaha I sound like I'm in a product ad. Noticed?


Wrong ka hija

I'm usually not mean but there are just some people who manage to make my blood boil without any effort. You know what I mean right? Like Gian for instance, he manages to really make my head ache to the point that I just snap @ him which I'd later regret. Anyway he knows who I'm talking about right now cause I'm pertaining to only one person. I'd rather not mention who cause it might get things complicated although I could care less if I'd get into a fight or something dahil wrong sya dun kasi wala pa sya sa kalingkingan ko in sooooooooooooooooooo many aspects. Even Gian tells me that and trust me, he's not being biased about it and I'm sure of that. A sound advice to that person (how concerned can I get?): Get out of my way when we bump into each other because I swear I'm gonna run you over. We will meet in the near future. I can decipher that it's somewhere near Edsa...hahaha...


In vain not for your Love

Can't wait for my duty to end,
can't wait till friday.

Can't wait to get my feet wet in Galera...

Can't wait to eat @ Luk Foo later,
can't wait to eat orange prawn balls.

Can't wait to go to the States for my vacation.

Can't wait to indulge in shopping.

Can't wait to get my hands on my mp3 player or iPOD or whatever just so I don't bore myself to death when I get back sa dorm..

Ang impatient ko pala...
Now that's what I call waiting in vain.


Goin Crazy by Natalie

currently in love with this song...

Going Crazy by Natalie

Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold my life just hasn't been the same oh baby no when i looked into your eyes the moment that i let you go i just broke down
baby if i ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrafice Cuz the feelin that I feel within no other man would ever make me feel so right its nice to smile when i get your phone call at night But I rather have you here with me right next to me and I miss the way you hold me tight.

I've got to let you know I feel so weak without your touch I never thought that i could ever love a man so much I've gotta let you know I think that we are destiny For you I'd cross the world for you I'd do anything.

That's right baby Im goin crazy I need to be your lady I been thinkin lately that you and me yes we can make it just ride with me roll with me Im in love with you (baby)
Thats right baby Im goin crazy I need to be your lady I been thinkin lately that you and me yes we can make it just ride with me roll with me Im in love with you (baby)

break it down then I'll tell you what i feel from the moment that i met you its been so damn real my heart seems to skip another beat every time we speak Can't belive I feel so weak tell me that you really need me and you want me and you miss me and you love me I'm your lady I'll be around waitin for you put it down be the woman for you im fallin so deep for you crazy over you im callin callin out to you what am i gonna do? its true no frontin it's u ain't no other I can no longer go on without you I just break down (down)

I've got to let you know I feel so weak without your touch I never thought that i could ever love a man so much I've gotta let you know I think that we are destiny For you I'd cross the world for you I'd do anything.

Thats right baby Im goin crazy I need to be your lady I been thinkin lately that you and me, yes we can make it just ride with me roll with me Im in love with you (baby)
Thats right baby Im goin crazy I need to be your lady I been thinkin lately that you and me, yes we can make it just ride with me roll with me Im in love with you (baby)

ooo, crazy,(ooo), lady (ooo), lately (ooo) Baby


Happy Friday the 13th Birthday!

Happy 22nd birthday Babe!

It's friday the 13th! hahahaha! it's actually not bad luck for me but it's rather good. The heavens have blessed me with a perfect compliment to my being and that's him. I can't ask for any other and neither am I complaining.

I bought him two shirts that I knew he'd looooove. I even took the risk of going into Rob Place in my duty uniform just so I can buy him a present although I perfectly know there's a big chance I'd run into one of my C.I.'s just like what happened the last time.

Can't wait for Ki's birthday bash/dinner treat later. It's @ Handle Bar at Polaris St. Makati, the place he's always been telling me about.

Can't wait...YUM!

Happy Birthday Baboy este Baby! I hope that the wisdom that age bring enlighten your year all throughout.

I'll always stay in love you. We'll always stay this way.

Ego amo te ki. Carpe Diem.
Let's seize the moment.


Hell on Earth


>Madocs 3M – Manila Doctor’s 3M. It’s an Obstetrics ward where we were assigned before.
>Pedia – Pediatrics.. nge! Di mo alam yun?
>TMS – thickly meconium stained, means that the baby pooped inside his/her mom’s womb cause of lack of oxygen kaya he/she lost control of her bodily functions kya yun najebs sya..hindi na nya napigilan! Did you know that a newborn’s poop smells like nothing? Well, now u do… You’re learning ha!
>TB – tuberculosis
>AGE with DHN – acute gastroenteritis with dehydration
>LGIE/UGIE – lower/upper gastrointestinal bleeding

East Avenue Medical Center is by far the most terrifying hospital that I’ve been to. I love being in the Operating Room so it was tolerable staying there. But 5 west? I though that Madocs 3M would be the worst but 5 west is nothing compared to that. Firstly, it’s a pedia ward. I hate taking care of kids cause they’re so fragile. Yes I’m a humanitarian but I had an experience before with a newborn baby who was having a cardiac arrest and another who was TMS both of whom I took care of. I’m sure you can’t precisely get the picture but trust me, it was scary. And now we have to spend five 8-hour days in 5 west filled with kids who either had TB, pneumonia, pneumothorax, AGE with DHN, LGIE, UGIE..oh and did I mention meningitis? This is hell. And yes I was turning into a pulp because all the fluids in my body are being evaporated from the heat emanating from the very suffocating ward that we were in. Best of all, the census for that week was 54. Our duties just keep getting better and better. Wait till we get into San Lazaro, the official pugad ng mga communicable diseases.

This is one the reasons why I want to be a doctor and no, not a pediatrician.